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Our company was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Taipei and a factory in Shenzhen in the same year, specializes in RJ45 ,USB,HDMI, SFP Connector And Cable, development and manufacturing of magnetic components products have more than 10 years experience as a cornerstone, and always uphold the "quality first, the customer first", "research and innovation, breakthrough competition "," staff in mind, the three objectives of sustainable development ", and hold a positive attitude and innovative ideas, continue to RJ45 ,USB,HDMI, SFP Connector And Cable, magnetic components industry plays a leading role.

ShenZhen HuiLy Electronics Co., Ltd.  past are indirectly related to many domestic and international connections, computers, Netcom in cooperation with the manufacturers directly or today; such as Tyco, FCI, Molex, Samsung, D-Link, Accton, Quanta, Compal, Wistron ... etc; with the development and OEM RJ45 ,USB,HDMI, SFP Connector And Cable, we have excellent R & D team in the design of the product can be quickly modified to meet customer requirements, and stable productivity and quality can provide the most efficient OEM / ODM production.

ShenZhen HuiLy Electronics Co., Ltd.  currently the main production equipment is located in Heyuan, Guangdong set up production base in Shenzhen, Guangdong, customers can fully meet the needs of the place of delivery, the benefits Xinglipu current total number of employees about 300 people, about 20 people in Taiwan, the main design and development teams are located in Shenzhen, Wai Hing force there are many unique technological innovations in terms of magnetic components RJ45 ,USB,HDMI, SFP Connector And Cable, has received a number of patented technologies, reliable product quality and rapid product delivery is the best choice for customers. Products by the testing authority, in line with ROHS, GP environmental standards, and we implement the concept of environmental protection into every aspect of production, to provide customers with more and better products and services.

2008 Founded ShenZhen HuiLy Electronics Co., Ltd.
2009 Through the ISO: 9001 and UL certified
2010 Founded Heyuan City HULYN Electronic Co., Ltd.
2011 Through the ISO14001:2004 certification
2012 Founded Taiwan Office
2013 Successful development QSFP, QSFP +, with POE, 10G RJ45 series